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Re: Harmonics

Thank you, Unukalhai, for clarifying the "frightening" aspects of my 4th Harmonic chart! ^^ I hope I can overcome those stressful aspects but in the meantime, I'll have to wrestle with them a bit. You were correct in your assessments of some potentialness in the harmonics; I love to write and draw and I plan to be either a dentist/docot/psychiatrist! That's one think I'm starting to see and love in harmonics and midpoints...things I normally couldn't spot or overlook in the natal become obvious in harmonics and midpoints. I'm a "big picture" sort of person, so I sometimes gloss over the details, either on accident or on purpose.
About the midpoints, in retrospect, it explains why I felt like I had a recurrence of Pluto transits around 2001 even though it conjuncted my Sun back in 1998-9! 2001 was when Pluto came around and conjuncted with those midpoints (13-14 degrees Sag). That was the year where I was forced to reevaluate and reaccess my life at the tender age of 11. It was a lonely, painful time but it dissolved my ego somewhat and my views on my life changed from that year forward, hopefully for the better.
As to the here and now, I can't say that I've been particularly driven to do anything because I've been down with the flu these past few days...although I suppose I've been driven to succeed in my last year as a senior lately. I can't wait for February! Come on, Jupiter!
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