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Re: Harmonics

Even better, when midpoints form around aspected points - the real combined beauty and power of symmetrical aspect patterns

The big kicker in your 4th harmonic chart is the Sun/Venus opposition, which relates to the Sun/Venus 45-degree (8th of a circle) aspect in the first harmonic. It has Pluto at it's midpoint, forming a t-square, with Mercury and Saturn having their midpoint close to the Sun/Venus midpoint, in opposition to Pluto. The whole thing has 180/135/90/45 aspects in the 4th harmonic linking it, so in the 32nd (4x8) harmonic chart it all forms a wide conjunction.

In the 4th, it's a bit hard to understand, because it's forming a diamond-shaped 5-sided stress aspect figure, going to the 8th harmonic makes the pattern a bit more apparent, as the 5 objects (6 if you count the Mercury/Juno conjunction!) come into a grand cross, an easier pattern to understand. It's also a symmetrical pattern, which is always a plus to see in a harmonic chart; I generally consider when I end up with a good solid symmetrical figure that I've found the right harmonic to work in.

The tightest part of the pattern is the Mercury/Saturn opposition midpointed/t-squared by Venus. the Mercury/Saturn is a great combination for dedicated and intense thought processes, some consider this combination ideal for scientific/analytical research, but with Venus involved (and being in the "drivers seat" at the apex) says you're more likely to apply it to creative or love pursuits, or the other Venusian areas.

Remember that stress aspects aren't always bad and they often play out in a positively dynamic way; people who really make a place for themselves in history by their accomplishments almost universally have stressful aspects dominating the chart... It's where they get their drive from.

Something makes me think this configuration speaks of a successful creative writer, a patient relationship counselor, or an art teacher.

Midpoints in the harmonics also have a sneaky way of pointing out hidden patterns in our charts, that we normally would overlook.

For example, you've got this big time hotspot around the 14-15th degree of Sag, where 4 midpoints converge over a half degree swath!

13Sag49 = Venus/Juno
13Sag53 = Sun/Mercury
14Sag02 = Saturn/Pluto
14Sag22 = Mars/Neptune

Visual representation (with some unused objected forced to represent the midpoints for visual clarity, the brownish aspects are 16th aspects, yellow are 8th aspects)

That's gotta be a transit-catcher!! This is the 1st harmonic trigger point for that 8th harmonic cross. It's being activated now with Mars sitting right there, too. What have you be driven to do the past few days? Anything that'd be congruent with the harmonic charts? Jupiter will hit that degree around the beginning of feb-2007. Sun was there around December 6th.
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