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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

Originally Posted by Olivia View Post
Hey, Curtis, welcome. I put in a plug for the Terran Atlas in the adverts section, and I'll say here (though it'll probably get moved) that could I afford it, I would use Delphic Oracle (it does have a 30 day free trial, people) because it does so many things that need doing and saves me several working-it-out-by-hand steps.

Worth checking out for anyone who doesn't have an astrology proggie, and the atlas is pretty close to vital these days.

As for being born under a solar eclipse with a pile-up of Sun, Moon, SN conjunct in 6 myself, I'm going to refrain from adding to the conversation. Definitely not the life I would have chosen for myself. But I don't happen to believe we get much choice in the matter. If other people do, that's fine, too.
Thanks. I should say that the trials are pretty old now (from about 5 years ago) so I don't provide these anymore on my site. They are still on Tucows for download and if you are running Xp or earlier you should be fine, but in addition to major changes in Delphic Oracle and Timaeus in terms of astrological techniques that have been added, I've had to change the way these programs run to handle the Windows OS since Vista.
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