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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

Originally Posted by astrologer50 View Post

“However, in the case of both significations one must keep in mind that no one indication in the chart, not even the Part of Fortune, can be taken by itself as a total indicator of any area of life...
In eminent nativities a pattern can be seen more clearly using just one point such as this which is why I used the above examples. However, you shouldn't do this without understanding the dynamics of the natal configuration because in many cases there will be exceptions. What I posted above is really an extremely condensed version of the overall method that involves far more than looking at the part of fortune (spirit lord in the 10th from fortune and angular trigon lords for example give a hint as to the magnitude of the effect varying from employee of the month to leader of a nation).

In the Hellenistic area, there are 3 basic realms to consider: the zodiacal realm, the planetary realm and the terrestrial realm. The lots and houses are on the terrestrial realm and deals most closely in the realm of the concrete particular at the final level of decisions where potential passes from the possible to the determined. The planetary and starry realms deal more with potentials and set the boundaries of the possible.
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