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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

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sounds like you are exclusively using Traditional methods for divination.....
Nope. I'm good friends with Steven Forrest and have been practicing psychological astrology since 1975. Steven Forrest says that we should be building bridges between the various schools of thought. I have written about how this might be done and starting with the material of Rhetorius and the myth of Ur that Schmidt relayed to me once, I had an insight about the path of souls based upon the thema mundi and what Evolutionary astrologers say about the nodal axis:

When the demiurge created the cosmos, the 4 elements were constantly changing into each other so that you could not point to something and say that it is a "such and such". This is where the Moon comes in to bring stability through the Khora (this is in Plato's Timaeus) so that manifestation can happen in the sub-lunary sphere. What this means is that when dealing with the material realm a decision (or many decisions in actuality) have to be made for something to have a material reality, but in the realm of spirit, everything has the ability to change from one reality to another. This is why synthesis works better than analysis in the spiritual realm (and therefore also in spiritual/psychological astrology), but the material realm prefers analysis and lines to be drawn so that one can say "this and not that".

When dealing with the concrete particular, these older techniques seem to work better, but the problem is that they do horribly at finding the meaning of spiritual matters by themselves and that is because the material realm is not where spirit resides. This would be a long exposition as to proofs but the reality is that each branch of astrology complements the other. Some get into the idea of fate in the traditional area, but there are many opinions on this and I am of the opinion that the fate concept should be demoted to the realm of the material causes of Aristotle rather than the efficient cause which the Stoics would prefer (Robert Schmidt says that the Hellenistic system was actually based upon material causes which means that absolute fate is impossible). If we actually choose the life of a Tyrant, Merchant, Farmer, etc, (as the Myth of Ur suggests) then attendant conditions would have to be met to be able to live out the chosen life after passing through the waters of forgetfulness, but that does not mean that what happens is rigidly controlled and can't be modified. I heard Demetra George (Eugene, Oregon) say one time that there are many choices, but they all lead to the same destination. It is the manner in how we get there where there is latitude.
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