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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

"Some formulas listed here have both an AM and PM version. The PM version is a reverse of the AM version and when indicated, persons born in the daytime (Sun in 7th - 12th houses) should use the AM formula while persons born in the evening (Sun in 1st - 6th houses) should use the PM formula. Sometimes it's best to try both formulas."
Check the placement of the Sun in the chart, it must be sensibly placed relative to the horizon for the given time of day. For a day birth, the Sun must be above the horizon.

From explanations on POF
We use different formulae for Pars Fortunae for a day birth than for a night birth. You can change this rule with an option in the extended chart selection.
The day formula is: ASC + Moon - Sun
The night formula: ASC + Sun - Moon
Astrologers differ in their views about which formula to use for Pars Fortunae.
If you're interested in in-depth information, please read the article "The Lot or Part of Fortune" by Robert Hand in our "Understanding Astrology" section.
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