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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

Hi Epsilon

A lot has already been said on individual approaches. It's great to see people sharing freely. Take your time to absorb it all my friend.

I would only add that at 15 years of age, you are going fantastic in terms of getting your head across all the different areas. Don't be too hard on yourself, life is long and there are many experiences and wisdom to be gleamed along the way.

As you travel your path you will learn things about yourself, reflect on your energies - and observe other peoples vibes. You remind me a lot of myself when I was your age - i too have Sun (Pisces) in fourth house. This placement indicates one who will use their life to get to the roots of their existence. And by this I mean even beyond the powers of astrology! At this level we get to the nothingness of consciousness, the spirit in each of us which is beyond name, body and belief. It's a honour to have the sun in fourth house i have found.

We all remain 'students' in one sense when in comes to knowing ourselves. But this is the doorway to reading other peoples charts. Know your own chart deeply and honestly. Then one day you will take a chance, be courageous enough and begin to piece it all together. Try not to get too trapped in the conceptual understanding, stay in touch with your intuition, which leads to your third eye being opened (uranus conjunct ascendant helps here) - as this continues you will be able to channel insights about peoples charts.

Observations will come in a series of gradual developments, and for you with Mercury in Taurus, seeing something, touching your chart, writing on it in the privacy of your own space - will all allow you to understand not only the mechanics of astrology, but also allow you to perceive deeply without any 'tools'.

One last thing, your North Node Sag in 11th house - well, what can i say about wonder you sense you'll be a great astrologer one day, with this North Node it's very likely my friend. Keep your perspective, feed your enthusiasm, and share with other experienced collegues & friends (like on this site!)

Good luck & warm regards **
Modern Day Merlin

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