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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

Many of these posts are focusing on meanings that are based upon subjective/objective personal self image or psychological interpretation, but what if you want to know something concrete in the external objective world and have already figured out who you are in relation to the rest of the world?

There is a method (actually several) by Vettius Valens for predicting the concrete particular (such as a man has red hair, gets married at age 27, founds a successful business at 38, becomes widely recognized or famous at 51, etc). Valens wrote the Anthology nearly 1900 years ago in classical Greek and it has been translated by a number of scholars.

The first thing that Valens ascertains is the chart support or eminence of the native by taking the Sun's position by day or the Moon's position by night and looking at the condition of the 3 trigon lords based upon the signs they are in and whether they are in angular, succeedent or cadent houses. Valens used the whole sign house system. If these 3 planets were found to be angular and in their own domiciles, exaltations, etc then the chart was said to have great support and the planets Mars and Saturn will behave differently if they turn malefic (meaning that in a situation such as Watergate, that Nixon's aides took the blame before Nixon fell). If the planets were succeedent for the most part, then it is a middling condition and if they fell cadent and not in their own places, then life is difficult for the most part. Of course this is very general and there are ways to get a more exact idea of where the difficulties lie because we all usually have different kinds of things going on in different areas as described by the houses.

I can't go into the whole of the method of Valens here, but there is one technique that stands out above the others that is easily verifiable and would be useful even for novices known as Zodiacal Releasing (aphesis in Greek). Valens says that if the domicile lord of Spirit happens to be in the 10th sign counting from the lot of fortune, or if the 10th from fortune happens to be fortunate by having planets in their own domicile or exaltation, then when that sign has the timelordship, that is when they will become famous and what they do in that period is often what they are known for.

For example, John Travolta has the lot of fortune in Aquarius which makes Scorpio the 10th sign counting from fortune. He has the lot of spirit in Capricorn which means that Saturn is the domicile lord for spirit. Because Travolta has Saturn in Scorpio, we know before hand that when he reaches his Scorpio period that he will be famous and what he does during that time is what he is known for. Travolta is most known for his roles in Saturday Night Fever, Grease and Pulp fiction. Guess what? He was in a Scorpio period during the production and release of these three movies (first in 1977-78 and again in 1993-94).

Einstein was in a Mars Capricorn 10th period when general relativity was confirmed and he became the most famous scientist in the world. Hitler went into his 10th from fortune period and one day later the Nazi party took 108 seats in parliament.

We have been finding this to be a very reliable technique to find when career shifts occur and when one is most effective and for eminent nativities, when they become famous or when there is trouble for reputation.
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