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Re: Pluto conj Libra Asc- averse to beauty??

Hi Astropsyc.
I haven't been online here for sometime. You may like to check out my proposed birth chart for Jesus in the 'Celebrity' sub-forum. I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from many noted astrologers on my proposal.
The chart has a Pluto conj Libra asc.
In the book on Jesus that is published by the Assoc. for Research and Enlightenment, that is based on the Edgar Cayce readings, there is an ancient letter that was written by one of the Roman authorities that was in Israel at the time of Jesus' life and he described Jesus as "...the most handsome man on Earth".
I also know of a woman whom has this same aspect and she is also an Aries with Libra asc/conj Pluto [as I believe J.C. to have been]...and she can "knock 'em dead" with good looks when she wants too...but she can be very indifferent at times to her appearence.
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