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Re: Pluto conj Libra Asc- averse to beauty??

Originally Posted by astropsychologist View Post
But to deny that physical beauty matters at all is being completely blind and dishonest with yourself. Image and looks affect everyone whether they are brave enough to admit it or not, years and years of research has shown that we are all influenced by outer appearance. Yes it's an awful thing to have to admit to and in an ideal world, we would all only see each others inner beauty, but we don't live in utopia, this is the real world and anyone who thinks they are immune to appearances is in denial.
I completely agree with this.

Freedom Lover, you're right there has to be a balance between taking care of ones self and not taking it too far to the point of abusing the body.

Originally Posted by LibraScorpion91 View Post
I'm coming from this place - if a woman doesn't care about her looks and "lets herself go", why should she be judged? Men aren't, and there are plenty of men lookin' a hot mess, runnin' around like they are the sexiest thing in town. And this is why the original topic of this thread is silly to me, and sounds slightly judgemental.
While I don't see this thread as silly or judgemental, I do see what you are saying about it being unfair that women have to keep up their looks at a much higher level than men. It has struck me as unfair at times too, but it's just part of life that I accept, and I enjoy dressing up and making myself look nice.

You said:

This is ****. If a person is truly unattractive, to the point of people staring, there might be people that will blow smoke, and try to make that person feel better, but if another person grows find this person attractive or beautiful over time, it's not on a purely physical level, let's get real. It's their inner beauty shining though, and it's the person that they are shining though as well. End Quote

The world isn't as black and white as you might like to think. Have you noticed that a lot of unattractive people have no shortage of partners? Men don't usally get to know a woman's personality unless they are attracted to the exterior first. Someone found those unattractive women good looking enough that they wanted to get to know the personality too. I wish you could see that beauty is very subjective.

If you don't believe that beauty can be indicated in the natal chart, that's fine, but please try to be respectful when voicing your disagreement instead of reverting to name calling.

Well, I think I said everything I wanted to say. I know it's never comfortable to have someone challenge our ideas, but I think it can help us grow as people and some ideas just need to be challenged.
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