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Re: Pluto conj Libra Asc- averse to beauty??

"One other thought - as I have put a lot of personal meditation in on this one, having struggled with this all my life........ What seems to be the problem with society's preoccupation with physical beauty is that they value physical appearance more than they value the health of the body. It's the same mindset that doesn't see anythng wrong with what we are doing to the Earth. People see nothing wrong with putting harmful things in and on their bodies to make it appear more beautiful. They see nothing wrong with attending the outside of the body, while not attending to the inside. They go on unhealthy fad diets that are destructive to their bodies, all in the name of making it more beautiful - more sexy. "

I completely see your point on this. I'm coming from this place - if a woman doesn't care about her looks and "lets herself go", why should she be judged? Men aren't, and there are plenty of men lookin' a hot mess, runnin' around like they are the sexiest thing in town. And this is why the original topic of this thread is silly to me, and sounds slightly judgemental.

Women for centuries have been valued by our beauty by men, and it's like we are programmed to place so much value on appearance, so much to the point that our identities lie within that. And if it's snatched away from us suddenly, we feel worthless. So we go to extreme lengths to "Make" ourselves beautiful, even if it kills us. Most women have this idea that you have to be all gussied up to attract a man, but do men feel this way? No. You see unattractive men with beautiful women all the time, and yet he won't feel bad about his appearance. But if you see a beautiful man with an unattractive woman, more than likely she'll be thinking, "He can have any woman he wants, why me?" All i'm saying is, if you don't look like Angelina Jolie, get over it, and focus on your inner beauty, the kind of beauty that counts.

freedomlover, i thought Mars rules sex? I know mars rules "Action" but sex is always singled out in some way in any description or mars - especially scorpio for me. I heard Pluto rules "Power and regeneration", or something to that effect. Oh well, both planets are in Scorpio for me, and Pluto is on my Ascendant, so i guess it doesn't matter!
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