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Re: Pluto conj Libra Asc- averse to beauty??

I can agree with many of the points that both Lillybelle and LibraScorpion91 have made.
I think both are right, and there is a balance that needs to be found.

Yes, many people are just born beautiful, BUT, if one doesn't take care to maintain that beauty, as Lilllybelle said, they CAN lose it - and many people "born beautiful" do exactly that.

I've also had the experience of "seeing" a not-so-beautiful person in physical form appear absolutely beautiful to me because of their inner beauty shining through.

One other thought - as I have put a lot of personal meditation in on this one, having struggled with this all my life........ What seems to be the problem with society's preoccupation with physical beauty is that they value physical appearance more than they value the health of the body. It's the same mindset that doesn't see anythng wrong with what we are doing to the Earth. People see nothing wrong with putting harmful things in and on their bodies to make it appear more beautiful. They see nothing wrong with attending the outside of the body, while not attending to the inside. They go on unhealthy fad diets that are destructive to their bodies, all in the name of making it more beautiful - more sexy.

Sexy is not healthy. Many, many victims of sexual abuse subconsciously become fat. Why? So they will not be seen as sexy. They think the fat will protect them. It's because they have been taught to value beauty over health. They put up a physical block - the fat, when all they really need to do is to change their mindset about the "benefits" of being "sexy".

So, going back to the topic of this thread specifically....since Pluto rules sex, I can see why someone with Pluto on the Ascendant ( Asc represent body/apperance) might very well have some struggles with the issue of physical beauty, and may even be adverse to it.

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