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Re: Pluto conj Libra Asc- averse to beauty??

"I disagree with this. You could take the most beautiful woman in the world, and she's not going to look good if she runs around in sweat pants and baggy t-shirts with her hair in a pony tail."

Yes, we are all beautiful in someone's eyes, and this is usually because of "Inner beauty", but "Physical" beauty is something you are born with. You can use make-up and other things, but it's false, an illusion, and it's not real. There are plenty of beautiful women who wear their hair in a ponytail, wear baggy shirts, and wear sweatpants, and still look beautiful, and they don't need all those "Extras". Like i said, physical beauty is not something that can be brought at the drugstore, it's something you are born with. "Inner beauty", true beauty, the kind of beauty that's most important, is a completely different story...

"I dont think pluto is associated with beauty. Libra is but not pluto."
"I wouldn't expect beauty out of someone with pluto on the ascendent, though I'm not ruling out the possibilty. "

Chart aspects cannot denote physical beauty. There are some Plutonians out there who are absolutley striking, and some Librans who are extremely unattractive.

"Knowing how to make the best of your looks is a very libran trait. Librans know how to create beauty even if they don't have a natural abundance of it. They know how to work it."

Not nessesarily. I've met some Libran women who don't know mascara
from lipstick. Not every Libran fits the typical "Venusian" stereotype.

"It's primal stuff. It's not so superficial at all. It can be superficial if taken too far, but the basic desire to look good to find a partner to reproduce with is pretty instinctual."

Physical attraction goes way deeper than looks. I've met guys that were very handsome and attractive, but i was not "attracted" to them. If i don't have instant chemistry with a guy, no matter how good he looks, i'm not interested. And any instant chemistry i have with a guy very rarely has a lot to do with looks. Human physical attraction starts on the inside - not the outside.

Physical beauty fades anyway, no one stays beautiful forever. And just because a person is "pretty" on the outside, doesn't always mean the inside is just as pretty. We all know this. And yes, to place too much importance on appearances is VERY superficial, improving the person you are on the inside should always come first, not the other way around. Remember, when we die, we don't take this "Shell" with us. Because that's all it is, a shell, nothing more. Spiritual enlightenment, mental strength, and emotional intelligence does not come through "Looking hot".

Bottom-line: Physical beauty is only as important as you make it. Yes the whole "Your image is your identity" game exists, but only if you want to play it. For those of us who don't, well, i guess that's the power of Pluto...
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