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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

I was bored with nothing to do and I thought I would extend on this thread and show an example of interpreting a chart, but it's just me really probing Obama for the day . This thread is probably better moved to Tim's Barack Obama thread. I would have put it there myself, but I started posting it here.

Asc: Link to what Asc means

The Ascendant shows how you want to present yourself to others, the impression of yourself that you consciously strive to project. So, it is the first impression others get of you. The Ascendant is the cusp of the 1st House, i.e. its starting point. Whereas the Ascendant is the image of yourself that you project, the rest of the 1st House shows how others perceive you as they get to know you. But the Ascendant is the role you play, and the way you prefer others to perceive you.

Key words to remember for the 1st House/Asc

How others see me, image, appearance. Outer Personality.

Aquarius Rising

Barack Obama was born when the 11th sign of the zodiac was rising. Aquarius is a fixed Air element. The sign is known for being different, but he can also be conservative, this is because Obama is ruled by two planets Saturn and Uranus. Obama will consciously strive to project qualities such as an innovative image, friendliness, humanitarianism, he can have interest in social groups, he aspires towards a broadminded and intellectual approach. Aquarius is "people orientated" - Obama would like to be perceived this way, and he projects of a progressive, civilised, approach. Obama aspires towards "change" and progressive movements.

Quote: Martin Schulman - You will find new way to deal with old problems. And, whether or not your ideas are traditionally acceptable, they will work for you. You understand the current of life and your karmic role as a catalyst for change, bringing about evolutionary and revolutionary improvements in yourself and others. (Uranus in 7th house - others, public, relationships). You can create a consciousness of change which is humanity's hope for the future.

Key words for Aquarius - mental, intuitive, original, social, experimental, tolerant, friendly, universal, freedom loving, humanitarian.

We can look briefly at his chart rulers now, and will also refer to them throughout the reading. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is the traditional ruler, and Uranus is the Modern ruler. Read this on Asc ruler.

Obama's Saturn is placed in it's sign of Capricorn (like a double Capricorn), he is ambitious, with organizational ability, responsible, and prestige and social standing is important. Obama was born with a strong sense of duty and a determination to succeed whatever the cost. There can be sensitivity to public opinion with Saturn here, a defense against feelings of inadequacy. Saturn in Capricorn is placed in the house commonly referred to as the house of karma, a kind of bondage, or isolation. The 12th house is the last house on the zodiac wheel and there is a connection with selfless service in this house. The greater Good... According to Stephen Arroyo - The twelfth is the area of LEARNING on the Emotional and Soul level. This awareness takes place through gradual growth of awareness that accompanies loneliness and deep suffering through selfless service, or through devotion to a higher ideal.

The cadent house also relates to the mind, and Saturn can have irrational fears. There is a strong feeling of obligation a sacrifice to pay ones debt. According to Astrology Weekly - A Twelfth House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates in some way to work in seclusion, or for the care or education of others - perhaps in social work, hospitals, prisons, universities, religion or the arts. Your nature is acquisitive, reserved and inclined to solitude, with a desire to work unpretentiously, unobserved, and live peacefully or alone. With this placing of Saturn you may experience negative inner pressures related to subconscious insecurity, secret sorrows, fear, loneliness and disappointment. You may at some stage suffer false accusations by secret enemies.

Father Figure Saturn in 12th and Sun-Neptune

Obama's parents met in 1960 in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, where his father was a foreign student on scholarship.The couple married on February 2, 1961, and Barack was born later that year. His parents separated when he was two years old and they divorced in 1964.Obama's father returned to Kenya and saw his son only once more before dying in an automobile accident in 1982.

Obama has Sun in Leo (Father) in the 6th house square Neptune in Scorpio 9th. The father may have felt invisible, mysterious, and Obama has a great yearning for a "father figure", a savior/Christ like figure is archetypal here. He can have a weak and diffused self image, shown by Neptune. The father is often ineffectual or missing, with this aspect. Obama therefore has difficulty seeing himself clearly, because he didn't have an early solid role model. He can also be affected by dreams and visions of collective hopes (Neptune in 9th). Obama has Jupiter in the 12th house and Neptune in 9th house (planets in each-others houses), and Jupiter squares Neptune (a powerful combination). Obama may be prone to suffer delusions of grandeur and an exaggerated mental fantasy. Therefore he can suffer deep disillusionment and disappointment, and this combined with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he may at times feel he has failed as an authority figure or he is an ineffectual leader, or "father" to the people. This could bring up insecurities around his own self-image. I do like Obama . He has expressed the good qualities.

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