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Re: Methods of chart interpretation

Very good Frank, very good! I usually start with an overview, how many planets below or above Asc. and how the East/West parts are occupied. Then the quadrants.
Then I look at elements. Which one's are strong, which weak and which are lacking.
Doing only that already gives you a good feel of the chart.

After that I look at Ascendant and do the same you do, finding the last dispositor. I actually do this a lot, also when delineating. Rulers are of utmost importance to me, more so than the natal placement of the planets. I see that as general energy. Where the energies are utilized and how (aspects) is more important.

Recently, I now also look at dignities of planets, probably because of my involvement in Horary. I must admit that traditional astrology gives a lot of extra info. I dont go further than detriment, fall, exhaltation and rulership. I leave the terms and falls to horary.

This is actually a very good learning thread and deserves those stars!!

i studied all the basic things and now i stare at the chart trying to write the ''story''.. it s like i have the necessary words without the linking ones..
Ananntha and Epsilon dont worry about the confusion you feel at the beginning. This is perfectly normal and all aspiring astrologers go through this phase. Slowly but surely things will sink in. Just take it step for step. Learning this art takes a lot of time, patience and determination. I hope you guys have a bit of Scorpio and Capricorn in you so you wont give up when things get tough!!
I used books to help me out for years. Now after about 30 years, I still once in a while look things up, not anymore because I dont know what it means, but to read about other people's feelings and interpretations of the same aspect.
Astrology is fascinating. It is like playing bridge, every game is different and so is every chart!

Cheers, Starlink
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