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Re: aspects and singing talent

Originally Posted by Charm
It's true. I am a singer. I have 3 planets in the 2nd house. I also have Jupiter in Taurus (throat) in house 7 which trines my sun in house 2. Venus in pisces (arts). Taurus rules the throat. Barbara Streisand is a taurus and has a taurus stellium in her chart somewhere if I am not mistaken. There also have to be some aspects about channelling emotion. For instance, I have moon in leo which is dramatic.

charm I am an actor...I know my teachers allways comment that my voice resonates very veyr well...and I know I have a great speaking voice.....but I have never sung enough to know if I am a great great singer...always been intrested.....I don't have a strong 2nd house(I don't think I do...saturn is there) but I have many many many planets in taurus....libra rising moon in taurus venus in taurus vertex in taurus node in taurus all conjunct(well node is only conjunct moon and venus) all of those planets except the node trine neptune..... I have jupiter in the 5th house as well....but I never thought I should be a singer..Ihave done karoke nervously and am really nervous and not done exceptional...I have a 3rd house uranus and neptune as well and my 3rd house ruler is in the 5th(jupiter)
my vertex is at 4 degrees taurus

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