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chart interpretation

Originally Posted by Epsilon
I really struggle with chart interpretation and even more with synchronization. Completing the puzzle of a chart reading. I really think Wilsontc's astro-sentence method is a great, simple method that works...
  • [to understand the 4th house] In this case, I'd usually look at which house Leo, ruler of the sun, is on...
  • And then there are the aspects. I find opposition to be very difficult to interpret. Sun opposition Pluto. Basically, you can see my identity/self-expression is unable to coexist with my need for power. What does that even mean? And then you have to take into account the signs of each planet, and the houses, and which houses each planet rules. It's really tough.

I guess what I'm looking for is some advice or explanation of how to interpret a natal chart. Maybe a small demonstration? it me, or does it seem robotic? I don't know how to synchronise it and to make it into a flowing chart reading.
I'm pleased that the astro-sentence method has helped you out in chart interpretation. Although I know you have already done this step, as a reminder, it is also important to see how inside world/outside world and self/other "balances out" in your chart. You have 6 planets in or near the bottom (inside world) and 6 planets in or near the top (outside world) in your chart, so you are "balanced" between focusing on the inside and the outside world. You have 8 planets in or near the left (self) side of your chart and 2 planets on the right (other) side of the chart, so you focus more on yourself than on others. And since you have more planets in or near the bottom (inner world) left (self) side of your chart, you use your self-awareness to examine your inner world. So astrology becomes a tool of "self-discovery". As you remember from Step 5 of the basic astrology website (link attached below this post), the opposition is an aspect of "over-excitement" so Sun (self-expression) opposite (energy is over-excited by) Pluto (transformation, also power) indicates that the Sun energy "excites" the Pluto energy and the Pluto energy "excites" the Sun energy. The result is they are both very strong and both "pulling in opposite directions" - the result is a kind of "tug of war" between self-expression and power. Richard Nixon also had this in his chart (and you might want to research his power issues if you don't recognize the name). The challenge with challenging Pluto aspects is to learn to SHARE power.

That is the basics of the intro to astrology website and you have done very well with it. Another tool you can use to quickly get the "big picture" of your chart is chart patterns. You have a "splash chart", so you scatter your energy into a lot of different projects. More about the splash chart here:

Also look for planets which are close to the four points (Ascendant, Descendant, Midheaven, and IC). You have planets close to your Ascendant (self) and IC (inner world), so you have a strong self-focus and inner world focus.

Another very useful tool to get a "quick read" on where the focuses are in the astrological chart are aspect patterns. The Grand Trine has already been mentioned (although personally I think the Moon Mars trine might be a little too wide to be a "real" Grand Trine). You have an Easy Opposition (sometimes called a "wedge") to your Ascendant (self), further indicating the importance of "self" in your life:

You have another Easy Opposition to Mars (being, also action, anger) in the 7th house (relationships), which indicates a need to be active in relationships but also warns of possible anger issues in relationships.

And here's something about rulerships of houses. The house ruler is the planet which rules the sign on the CUSP of the house. So if you want to find the house ruler of the 4th house, you don't look to see where the ruler of the Sun in the 4th house is: instead, you look to see what is the sign on the cusp of the 4th house. The sign on the cusp of the 4th house is Taurus (ruled by Venus). So you look to see where VENUS is in the chart. Venus is in the 2nd house (physical, also personal values/money). This suggests when you focus on your home (4th house), you are concerned about your personal values and your money (2nd house, where the planetary ruler of the 4th house is). I find house rulerships make the chart too complex for easy interpretation, but many astrologers use house rulership with good results. More on house rulership here:

I also like to look for least aspected planets (planets with no or only one aspect to other planets). In your chart, you have two least aspected planets: Saturn (duty, also structure, restriction) and Moon (home, also emotions). Least aspected planets are energies you do not "connect into" so you may OVERdo these energies. So you may OVERdo your structuring (leading to restriction) or your home/emotional issues (leading to emotional upsets). Remember a little of these planetary energies goes a LONG way. More here on unaspected/least aspect planets:

And look for planets at 29 or 0 degrees in the chart, since these planetary energies will be strong in the chart. In your chart, that's Saturn. More on the power of 29 degrees (and 0 deegree) planets here:

And that should help you out on "looking over" future charts! Happy astrologizing!

Happily astrological,

To learn basic astrological chart interpretation for your chart see:

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