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Re: Help with Reading my Chart, Please

Hello Epsilon! I must congratulate you on your great effort here to interprete your chart. This thread is also very helpful to anyone else struggling with this problem of synthesizing.
You were puzzled by this:

So, now my jovial, blunt emotions/reactions focused on friends and wishes is trining [ease, cooperation] Venus [love, affection, femininity] in Aries [impulsive, direct, selfish] in second house [money, possessions, self-esteem/worth]. Impulsive, direct, selfish love and direct affection, which are focused on self-esteem and money/possessions. And this is cooperating/ease with my jovial, blunt emotions and reactions focused on friends and wishes. Sorry, but what does that even mean?
My jovial, blunt emotions/reactions focused on friends and wishes is easing and cooperating with Mars [masculinity, energy, drive, anger, lust] in Leo [showy, dramatic, ambitious] in seventh house [other people, spouse, open enemies]. All I can really think of, for both Moon trine Mars and Moon trine Venus, is that both of the traits in each aspect can co-exist with each other.... and co-operate to form something, but I don't know what that something is...

Mars square Mercury shows a sharp mind and a direct way of telling others what you think.
As you can see from your natal chart, Moon, Mars and Venus are forming a
Grand Trine and the trine is between your 11th, 7th and 2nd houses, in other words, Friends, others and your selfworth /finances.
Now, you can look at astrology from a mundane and from a psychological perspective. I use the latter to figure out how a person is or could be as a person and the mundane part to explain the income potential (2nd), the aspirations, group potential (11th) and what could be expected in relationships (7th).
As you see, all three work well together but each one has a particular other aspect they have to deal with which are:
1. the opposition from Venus to Jupiter
2. the inconjunct from Moon to Sun
3. the square from Mars to Mercury

These more difficult aspects are very necessary for you to spurr on that "lazy" trine. Trines can be too easy for an individual at times and result in less effort and input because things just seem to be presented on a silver platter.

OK, the trine between these 3 houses show that relationships seem to be a very enjoyable and also necessary issue in your life. Moon signifies your emotional feelings and where you feel most at ease. This is in the 11th house, i.o.w. amidst friends. Moon rules your 7th house, so all relationships, business as well as intimate one's play a very prominent role in helping you to feel secure (Moon). When others are nice to you and your relationship with them is OK, your self-esteem is boosted, you feel more confident (Venus in 2nd and ruler of Venus, Mars, in trine to Moon).
You could go to extremes to please others, shown by Jupiter (ruler of your Moon) in opposition to Venus (ruler of your Sun). Probably a way of doing this is maybe giving very nice presents to your friends (looks like you could be a big spender, also for yourself) or inviting them to your home (Sun in 4), in short, doing a lot of things to please others so that you will remain in their good books.This could well be shown by the "selfish" side of Venus in Aries.

Then you said:

and co-operate to form something, but I don't know what that something is...
I think that this is the purpose of that co-operation, that deep down this being nice and co-operative with everybody, is your way of obtaining emotional satisfaction and security.

A lot of things contradict each other. Looking at life pessimistically [Capricorn] and with rose-colored glasses on [Neptune]. First impression on others is that I'm practical [Capricorn] and unrealistic [Neptune]. I don't know. And is it me, or does it seem robotic? I don't know how to synchronise it and to make it into a flowing chart reading.

First that Saturn, ruler of your Ascendant. It is not pessimistic at all, if anything it shows that you can be very creative and able to transform ideas into reality. Saturn is in mutual reception with Uranus, they very much sustain one another. Unpredictable?? I dont think so either. Uranus is very well aspected by your Sun. Again, I think people might see you as very special. Different yes, but this can be very interesting.

Now that square to Pluto and Pluto in the 10th opposing your Sun, shows you can be quite dominant and intens and people will (sometimes be forced) to listen to you. It can show power issues you could have with authority and one of your parents, probably the father, but nothing that you could not resolve as seen by the sextile to Pluto and the trine to the Sun from Uranus.

Neptune in Capricorn is not as vague and unrealistic as when situated in Sagittarius for instance. Capricorn will keep you with your feet on the ground as does the trine to earthy Sun in Taurus.

You could indeed be a good astrologer if you ask me.
I hope this has given you a bit of insight on how things can work together.

Cheers, Starlink
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