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Re: Help with Reading my Chart, Please

Hi Epsilon,

Simple as it all looks when you read the attributes of each sign/planet individually, the challenge lies in connecting it all to complete the puzzle and see what sort of a picture appears in entirety on the surface of the puzzle.

Taking the example of your ascendant (self-image and how the world sees you) which is Capricorn, one can say that you do come across as an ambitious, disciplined and reserved individual at first sight; but, to these qualities, get *added* those of Neptune and Uranus, as both planets, due to their close proximity to your Asc, co-rule it. Therefore, the difference between somebody who only has a Cap Asc, without these planets on it, and yourself is that this person would come across as quite a strong/pure Capricorn, whilst you come across as one with Cap qualities (conventional, realistic), but which are mingled with some Uranian (un-conventional, unpredictable..) and Neptunian (dreamy, un-realistic..) ones (a bit of a cocktail, you see). Then there are also aspects to consider, so, keeping to your Asc, we see that it is sextiled by Pluto, which means that the Plutonic qualities get added on to your Capricornian+Neptunian+Uranian Asc. However, since a sextile (minor supporting energies) is not as powerful as a conjunction (energies synergise), it gets measured a point lower on the astrological yardstick. Therefore, when you start with the basics: Sun, Asc, and then move on, more and more keeps getting *added* due to aspects, etc; so, basically, a chart becomes an aggregate of signs, planets, houses and aspects, and where nothing can be taken singularly. This is also the basic difference between people, who study Astrology; and those, who are only able to identify themselves with/understand Sun Signs. A Taurean is never only a Taurean (practical, patient, stubborn..), but much more complex.

Start out by studying what each planet stands for: eg Sun=conscious and basic personality/being. Then see in which sign it falls: eg Taurus => Sun becomes basically Taurean in nature pragmatism, patience..; move on then to the house this Sun is located in: eg fourth => family/home is the area of life, which is your main focus; then begin to see which other planets are connected to your Sun through aspects: eg Sun trine Neptune => how your basic personality takes on Neptunian qualities= compassion, spirituality, also easy faith and trust (seeing things through rose-coloured glasses)...., and since the aspect is that of a trine=> energies of Sun and Neptune easily combine or intermingle with eachother, so your Taurus Sun becomes quite a fair bit Neptunian in character. This way you can go on and on, and see what else affects your Sun, and you see that Sun is also trined by Uranus- but the orb (orb=next thing to consider) is a less stronger one than that between Sun & Nep; this shows you that the effect of Nep on your Taurus Sun is much stronger through a 3°orb than that of Uranus through a 5° orb.

Hope this helps you put together your astrological puzzle.
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