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Re: Does my ex have ROCD?

Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
She's got Algol on her Asc, so she's been angry and losing her head about something. Moon in the 8th and her in the 8th, is her finding it hard to let go of something between you and her, something from the past is still bothering her that she will keep on bringing back up. You don't want to talk and argue all the time (mute Scorpio) but she won't let things go (Venus in Gemini /fixed angles).

Is it trust issues and suspicions about you from when you were together, that she keeps on bringing up? Her venus by contra antiscia conjuncts Pluto, she has bitterness still in her that could even be revengeful, some kind of trauma she has felt from you, she's still angry about.

So yes you could be right about the ROCD. Tbt id never heard of this until now.
We were never together. She lives overseas. It was only an online relationship. She seems to have trust issues and suspicious that I am not faithful. Some astrologers have told her that I would cheat on her.
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