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Re: Random Thoughts, strictly Text

Originally Posted by Starsareround View Post
Venus in Taurus in H12 sounds beautiful to me. Very sensual and artistic/dreamy. My Venus is 16 Leo. One of my best friends has basically the exact same Venus as I do, same sign, same aspects...but hers is in H11. We are peas in a pod but she is much more social than I am. The H12 Venus needs some space

My dog is freakin hilarious. She is 11 months old. Funny thing: she watches TV, she'll sit right in front of it and get really excited. She kind of looks like a bear when she does that, she's so big and shaggy.
I've always heard that Leo is a great Venus to have, one of the most demonstratively affectionate and big-hearted. That's interesting that you have that opportunity to directly compare your Venus to your friend's. I always say that I need to be able to hear myself think. What I mean is "I want to go play in my imaginary world now." I very much enjoy yoga, because it gives you the opportunity to zone out and zone in at the same time, to inhabit your body and those other realms at the same time.

So, she's a giant puppy still. lol! We leave the TV on for our dog every day when we go to work.
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