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Re: Power of Moon-Pluto conjunction in composite

Originally Posted by Boulinou View Post
Hello dear friends,

I have moved my thread from Relationship forum to there.
I am new on the forum and I am glad that people are willing to help each other. Finding an interesting forum about astro is not easy. I have learned many things in reading this forum and I have decided to subscribe to have an opinion on a relationship.
The composite seems frightful with the grand square, but I was wondering if it was because of lots of passion and love, with Venus/saturn midpoint conjoncting Moon/Pluto.
Timebirth of one person is unknown but it doesn't change a lot, if the houses only. Can you tell me if the squares to outside planets are dangerous or if it signifies that passion will hold the relationship ? As the Venus and Mars are opposing, I guess there's lot of love there!

Thank a lot about your knowledge! Every opinion is welcome!
this composite is very nice!
It has good aspects beween Sun and Venus and Chiron and Neptune and Saturn (t-square)
Thus, you can lead a troublesome life!
Make it!
Moon is in the 11th house sextile "White moon", therefore why not be happy about this relationship? Everything is perfect! Friendship too.
Any questions?
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