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Hi again Opal,
I was able to check the site you provided a few mins. ago, yet which has already been deleted from your post. i wonder why that was?
Unfortunately, my rapidly becoming forgetful mind can't remember the name of it, so I can't go back to check further regarding what prompted your original post query, and how Neptune is placed.

A smile did cross my lips at reading the analysis in which was written:-
If Saturn .he.... ; If Jupiter . her ..
Capricorn is a feminine and passive sign, yet its ruler Saturn is perceived as 'he'.
Sagittarius is a masculine and active sign, yet Jupiter is perceived as 'she'.

I used to have a similar mindset with Libra and its ruler Venus. I always thought of it as passive feminine of nature until a fellow astrologer pointed out its character trait. I had to get a different visualisation of how the planet worked, as per Sun's influence (Leo through Capricorn) as per that of Moon influence (Cancer reverse direction through Aquarius). Its function did come over differently in my mind.
Perhaps the difference is no longer considered important in modern/younger astrologers approaches to the chart? There's no active/passive, masculine/feminine difference in influence. A planet just 'is'.

In my head I say Fris like Free....

When I joined the forum xx years ago I typed too fast and missed the E in the pseudonym, as per on the other forum. It couldn't be corrected here and was left as it was. What's in a name???

'Fris' actually means 'fresh' in Dutch.
'Fries' is a person from a particular Dutch province.
The 'angal' part often gets altered to a slightly different spelling in posts as well.
Mindset working again??
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