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Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Teaching methods last century in my country used to (don't know if it is still so) place importance on whether aspects were ingoing or outgoing (different to applying and separating). If the faster planet was ahead of the slower planet in the signs, it carried the slower planet's influence in its functioning; If the slower planet was ahead of the faster planet, the faster planet was under its influence.

Hi Fris, Interesting, not quite what I am talking about, but quite informative thank you. Osamenor, on a similar note, says that the strength in a house is stronger for the first planet in it than the others, if I am understanding her correctly. She was talking about my second house, that has Jupiter in Sag on the cusp and Saturn in Cap. So both of them are domicile in their own sign. But because Jupiter is first and domicile and on the cusp it is stronger. She explains it quite well in her write up on her site
Quite accurately, I handle 2nd house things like Jupiter would like, leaving poor domiciled Saturn in Cap stressed to the max......she suggested I give Saturn a separate job. I think I will have to take her advice, since I have been ignoring Saturn's needs and maybe put him in charge of the paperwork......I know Jupiter doesn't want to do it
'The follower' was seen as an ingoing Neptune to a faster personal planet. The faster planet became that which/whose influence was worshipped and idolised. Obviously a first thought is in a religious sense, yet it applies to anything that an idividual's faith 'looks up to' and can strengthen or weaken individual will.

Thanks Fris, I will keep this in mind, and check it out in my friends and families charts. My husband has a Libra stellium. I will check it out.

The concept made interesting exercises in the influence effect of applying and separating aspects, according to which planet was on a higher degree.
By followers, my intent is people who do not like to be in charge. People that like to be directed in life.

Always nice to read you Fris. In my head I say Fris like Free....
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