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Wink Re: The moon over London

Hi Flea

Thanks for your reply. Part of my Pentecostal Church journey over the last 30 years has to do with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as pointed out in 1 Cor 12. This includes the gift of prophecy. We are taught extensively on how to operate with the gift of prophecy. It is about tapping into the realm of the spirit, but for the benefit and edification of the congregation. All sorts of rules apply which I know and understand.

But then we also see a distinction between the Gift of Prophecy and the office of a Prophet in the Bible. There are many biblical examples of this and they have lots of study books on this topic.

But I discovered that most of the Old Testament Prophets in the Bible knew the Qabbalah and this made them extremely accurate. I know quite a number of people today in Charismatic church circles personally and none of them has the same accuracy as the Biblical prophets.

I too have been called out on a number of occasions by such prophets and they would lay hands on me and prophecied that God called me to be a prophet too.

But if they knew I was gay they would probably take it back quickly. Over the years I have seen how this calling has manifested itself in my life, especially in the area of music and ministry. I am a pianist and would frequently receive a prophetically inspired song which I would then sing over the congregation. It is like singing a prophecy.

In the last year I have had a total change of understanding of my faith and my walk with God as a result of my research into the life of Jesus in the Essene community.

So I no longer believe what they preach in those churches. I don't hold the Bible as the total and inerrant Word of God. There is more to God than the Bible. I believe christianity must re-embrace the doctrine of reincarnation, and accept the idea that astrology is a tool God gave us to help us in our journey through each incarnation. I also believe that the Tree of Life, which embraces astrology, holds the key for the church to get back on track again.

So I look to see in my natal chart if there is something of a prophetic notion. It seems that there is indeed. And this confirms to me that I am on the right track. God said it in the prophecy years ago through those prophets, and it is also in my natal chart.

Bless you!

It is time for the Great Awakening!
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