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Re: Chiron in the 12th house.

I have Chiron in my 12th house (Placidus - I presume we're talking Placidus here), and my 12th is a very long house (not sure if it's the right expression), ranging almost through two signs and Chiron is sort of in the middle of it.

I was born later than my due date, I think about 2 weeks later, contractions were induced, but I was born with umbilica cord wrapped twice around my neck, and I guess that's about it.

I just spoke with my mother and she said she had no problems during the pregnancy, no nausea, nothing, aside from me and later my sibling too coming out late with no natural contractions. I was an unplanned child, and it is possible that my mother and father fought a bit during her pregnancy. They later got divorced.
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