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Re: Marriage Prediction 36 and Single

you will get married- venus lord of 7th is in the 7th domicile- own house lord in own house and even in own original house (original 7 house libra- libra ruled by venus) protects the house and house will give fruits

but there is a delay in marriage, due to sun being there and rahu.

sun in 7th house because sun is such a hot planet, it initialy burns the significance of the house and only later on cools down- but it is not going to deny marriage as its still the sun...he gives us light and we are all alive here because of the sun so he wont deny like saturn he will just 7th house he also is in a very weak position because he has no directional strength...the original 7th house being the sign of libra where sun falls

also rahu - ketu axis on your 1/7th house signifies delays and certain karmas that can play in your life

long story short you will get married, most probably age 42

now please understand, this is when you get MARRIED- like for real married, NOT when you meet the spouse- that will happen earlier- no one (usually) meets someone and gets married the next day...people first date...this can take a couple of years you know so you can meet your future husband tomorrow, or next year and start dating but the actual marriage will probably happen at age 42


will commit if there is no commitment involved Sagittarius

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