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Mars-Neptune + Constellation Pisces and the Devil

Ever looked at a painting by Fridah Kahlo and wondered how she can still take us willingly to a terrible place 60 years after her death. How about the insane Charles Manson being able to have the charisma to have followers literally kill for him. Or president Clinton and his hold of the American peoples attention for many many years.

Mars-Neptune is an aspect where needs to forge our own realities, meet physicality. And manifest in many ways that typically seem to be charisma and pleasant almost orgasmic manipulation.

These people driven by dopamine (Elshelman) and of high intellect have the ability to literally make their dreams a reality. With high psychic ability and extremely elevated emotions, their conviction for their lives passions is literally religious.

As their imaginations become reality it is the choice in the barer of such an aspect if they will benefit the whole of humanity, or if they aim to bring it down.

The planet Neptune is what rules modern Pisces of course. Garth Allen mentioned Pisces in a case study he did on boxers. Comparing them to fiends, devils, and imps as they stain the sea (there reality) blood red.

Pisces constellational luminaries and Mars also make a good portion of famous actors/actresses.

Each of these individuals has the capability to whole heartily throw themselves in the flames of their passions in and attempt to fully idealize their visions and to feel the full sensuality that the type if work has to offer.

My fellow culinary friends with Neptune or pisces active in the charts aim for the fire in the kitchen. They want to feel the burns, they want to hurt so bad because if service, they get off to the sounds of sizzling in a pan, and physicaly salivate at the smell of any well cooked food.

When a pisces really indulges in the world they have created, the can loose all there humanity and becoming something raw, primal, and quite honestly something not to far off from what we would imagine to be the devil.
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