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Re: Song Releases Predictions

hope enables take stock as relevant,
share salient points how true-insightful,
traits-talents-health-remedies-ideas to pick etc,

16 yrs jup dasa-period with this birthday;

jup lord 9th for luck with moon asc lord,
victory amidst adversity;

jup debilated cap and retro delaying results;
jup with moon lord of it's elevation sign;
gradual improvements in luck,
growth through advisory roles/direction etc;
wear yellow sapphire over pendant touching heart;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers sat evenings;

venus cancer asc, charming looks; artistic aptitudes;

taurus-venus inimical-malefic for cancer asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships-relationships;

inimical venus asc, heart-lungs-head stressed;
moon aspect own cancer and jup elevated aspect protective;

jup retro towards own sag 6th for health-employment-services, sag 6th, preference for
philosophical-optimistic-ambitious-sportive work environments, medicine, law-justice, etc;

jup sag aspects sun-mer gemini 12th for foreign lands,
intellectual-analytical-literary-oratory abilities,
business analyst, instrumental music, etc;
mer own gemini 12th, success amidst adversity;
wear green emerald over pendant;

rahu-NNode now transit sun-mer gemini 12th for foreign travels;

natal rahu leo 2nd, high self-pride, foreign languages, foreign finances;

Sat-ketu separative SNode now 1.5yr transit sag 6th, 12th from moon,
7.5yrs stressful period of saturn;
job separations, pain-injury-surgery intestinal-thighs etc;
sun-sat opp, stress in health-employment-foreign lands;

natal ketu acq 8th, reformist, innovative, accident prone,
chronic leg pain-sciatica-piles-urological issues etc;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers sat mornings;

rahu-ketu 2/8 axis sudden developments in life;

natal sat pisces 9th for distant travels, spirituality, tech/mech aptitudes;
slow in luck, settling at 36+, observe fast sat evenings;

mars virgo 3rd good for initiative,
perfectionist, assertive, supervisory-quality control skills;
accident prone, strained sibling relations;

sat-mars opp, tech-mech-entrepreneurial aptitudes,

sat transit sag retro towards scorpio 5th till Sept 17th,
negating employment, impacting luck-position etc;

jup scorpio turns direct Aug 11th now, trine sat 9th for luck-distant lands;
trine elevated aspect venus-cancer first for health-arts etc;
while sat-ket transit sag opp sun-mer impacting health/finances etc to care

do promptly ack and discuss salient feedbacks, ideas to pick, etc
wishing well with jup dasa and transit with prayers,

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