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Re: Bloating?

Did you supplement with probiotics during and after the antibiotics for the sinus infection? If not, you might want to take now for a few weeks.

As to stress - it's not usually the prime factor in most health situations (IMO) but it becomes a secondary factor. For example, if you get sick and you're stressed, it could take longer to heal or it could make the cause of the sickness harder to decipher.

As to your diet, did your doctor suggest a bland diet .. something like baked white fish with white potatoes/white rice for dinner and oatmeal for breakfast?

Also, didn't mention earlier that transiting Jupiter has been in the 1st house of self -- this can cause bloating/weight gain. It will be moving out later this month to Leo so, I would expect that you might be able to get some control of this situation.

Astrology is all about prediction ....
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