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Re: Bloating?

A few items worth mentioning ---

Solar Arc Uranus passed over your natal Jupiter about the time the symptoms started. Jupiter is expansion (bloating) and Uranus here would indicate changeable circumstances ... maybe stress. Jupiter rules the 6th of health and Uranus the 8th/9th houses indicating that the GI symptoms are showing up as a health issue.

Solar Arc Neptune was in opposition to your ascendant not too long ago and this could bring up issues with fluids like drinking or maybe drugs. I might suggest thinking back and identifying whether you were on any drugs like antibiotics when this started. Neptune rules the 10th and that could also may have suggested issues with your profession in that there was a period of deception or maybe things not above board. The only reason that I mention this is that stress can be a triggering factor in some illnesses.

The Solar Arc Saturn was in opposition to your Sun about 1 year ago and that could have resulted in stress/restrictions. This may have corresponded with a period in your life of either a legal issue or maybe divorce/falling out with a significant other. This may have also produced a depression as sun rules the 2nd and 3rd as well as financial issues.

At about the same time, transiting pluto would have been in opposition to your ascendant again suggesting issues with the GI system.

Your doctor seems to have come up with some good suggestions in the elimination diet as a result of a possible IBD diagnosis.

edited to add -- the bloating is only a symptom to what is going on in your body. Symptoms are removed when the cause is removed.


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