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Re: Is she the one?

Originally Posted by enrico View Post
I understand and I thank you for you reply. Your right 37 and she being 55 is not that bad. Although your right in saying that the age difference might become a cause for concern The older that I get. But yet I cant even consider this as a factor on which I should decide if my love for her is unconditional or superficial? On which I shouldn't peruse such relation.

The very fact that Im even considering the concept of soul mate points to me that she has ruffled up some unusual spell which has bewitched me.

No man or woman can cast a spell over me and penetrate me. So such poison is worth considering. If the 11th house promises That my Hopes and wish's can come true then I will Wish with every breath that this rabbit hole was worth exploring.
Read the Illiad and The Odyssey about the Sirens, and the need to have someone tie you to the mast. Youth never understand what happens after the age of 55. I know from experience. I had no idea.

When your soul mate hits menopause at 50-55, and that aspect of her world is simply "over", you will still be only approaching your prime, not even there yet. 20 something's will still be smiling warmly at you. You have simply no idea---none---zero---zip.

You've been advised. Nothing more can or should be said, I suppose.
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