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Re: Is she the one?

I'm 64 years old. I have friends who are 17 years older than me, they're 81. This is alright for some of the guys. I know ladies who are 81, and let me tell you this is a huge difference. I'm still hiking and they are in walkers, or wheel chairs.

Since you are so young, you have no idea how much difference 17 years will make when she gets past about 55. When she is 55, you will still be 37. This may not be too bad, but you won't even begin to slow down until you are 55, and by then she will be in her mid 70's.

Soul mate or not large parts of your relationship will come apart as she is so much older than you.

If you pursue it, you will probably live to regret it. Not for the next 15 years or so, but after that it could get very hard for you. I don't need astrology to tell you to stick to ladies closer to your age.
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