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Re: Is she the one?

I hate to sound confusing here to you, but I don't know how to read "the one" in the two charts.

I could answer your question as a horary where the magic of horary astrology would determine what "the one" meant to YOU and answer yes or no. I could do an extensive analysis of the two charts and determine whether the two of you fit together positively on your strong and high and low friction houses, and give you some advice on whether you might find that in the most part you could interract well or whether in the most part you could drive each other nuts. But I'm not intertested in spending an hour or more putting that together for you, because I would still not know if she fit into YOUR parameters of being "the one" for you.

IMO, you are asking an ambiguous question, when seems to imply that we would ahve some kind of psychic hotline understanding of what you actually mean by "the one". Maybe some people here do; I am not on of them.

Ambiguous YES/NO answerable questions can work in Horary, because the astrologer doesn't have to know you. They don't work as well in relationship astrology, because the astrologer does need to know you---at least a bit.
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