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Originally Posted by Aria Venue View Post
Abby the core of your question is about profit, or about trustworthiness? cause the way you phrased your question it seems that this is your main concern, whether he is trustworthy...the fact that he asks you to pay for production costs etc..if this is not your main concern then we have to judge the chart differently as a deal.

the publisher as L9 is not only in its its detriment and fall and cadent !!!! horary needs to be very precise
Yeah i reread the contract more thoroughly and considering ive already completed my book im in absolute amazement that these publishers (not just this one) are using eager authors and illustrators to make them profit of your books and giving yu nothing for it whilst doing nothing for you at all. She wanted 50% of sales and wanted me to pay for production. in other words she wanted me to pay for the whole book and on top of that give her 50% just for putting it in a book store which is easy peasy for her. Yeah, not a good deal at all.
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