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This is very helpful guru ji,
What age will she move?Will she go foreign lands by her choice or will she need move there due to circumstances? Also, please advise what prayers can I do as her parent for her concentration?
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In case get clues for consideration :

Asc aries with ketu, attention catching looks, hyper-impulsive,
accident prone, head injury;
light til oil lamp for Lord Ganesha daily morning;

Magha nakshatra, lord ketu, Moon 5th,
fortune through blessings of ancestors;

Moon leo 5th, aptitude for psychology, education,
school administration

Jup lord 9th for higher educaiton over gemini 3rd,
aptitude for business advisory roles, counselling, singing,
classical instrumental music;

jup aspect own sag 9th supportive of

taurus 2nd for banking-singing, love of food-comforts etc,

lord venus over acq 11th for gains,
gains from art-teaching-counselling-dance-pharma-electronics etc
moon-venus opp, artistic aptitudes;
jup trine aspect venus 11th for gains;

but acq-sat 11th inmical-badhak for aries asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships;
prone to throat-kidney issues;
20 yrs venus dasa now;
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

Badhaka sat elevated libra 7th with rahu,
delayed gains through spouse, foreign relationships,
growth through public admin-mass supervision, international law
rise-fall in life, perform rahu japa;
toxic abdominal-kidney issues;

venus lord 7th over 11th for gains from spouse,
though under stress-delays;

Asc lord mars virgo 6th,
intestinal-hip inflammations,
preference for audit-quality control-investigaive roles,
coping with hurdles/opponents;
sun-mars opp, temperamental, mer-mars warlike;
donate 1.25kg pm red masoord dal at Durga temple
for 28 months;

sun-mer pisces 12th for foreign lands, confused, emotional,
literary-oratory aptitudes;
venus dasa followed by 6 yrs sun dasa;
mer debilated, wear green emerald over pendant touching heart;

May be she could be international director for govt arts-dance schools
to imagine aloud for a wild guess to begin with, to aim high!

wishing your daughter well, do share your own salient reflections
how true-insightful traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas,


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