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Re: Daughter education, profession and wealth

In case get clues for consideration :

Asc aries with ketu, attention catching looks, hyper-impulsive,
accident prone, head injury;
light til oil lamp for Lord Ganesha daily morning;

Magha nakshatra, lord ketu, Moon 5th,
fortune through blessings of ancestors;

Moon leo 5th, aptitude for psychology, education,
school administration

Jup lord 9th for higher educaiton over gemini 3rd,
aptitude for business advisory roles, counselling, singing,
classical instrumental music;

jup aspect own sag 9th supportive of

taurus 2nd for banking-singing, love of food-comforts etc,

lord venus over acq 11th for gains,
gains from art-teaching-counselling-dance-pharma-electronics etc
moon-venus opp, artistic aptitudes;
jup trine aspect venus 11th for gains;

but acq-sat 11th inmical-badhak for aries asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships;
prone to throat-kidney issues;
20 yrs venus dasa now;
wear 0.25 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart;

Badhaka sat elevated libra 7th with rahu,
delayed gains through spouse, foreign relationships,
growth through public admin-mass supervision, international law
rise-fall in life, perform rahu japa;
toxic abdominal-kidney issues;

venus lord 7th over 11th for gains from spouse,
though under stress-delays;

Asc lord mars virgo 6th,
intestinal-hip inflammations,
preference for audit-quality control-investigaive roles,
coping with hurdles/opponents;
sun-mars opp, temperamental, mer-mars warlike;
donate 1.25kg pm red masoord dal at Durga temple
for 28 months;

sun-mer pisces 12th for foreign lands, confused, emotional,
literary-oratory aptitudes;
venus dasa followed by 6 yrs sun dasa; mer debilated,
wear green emerald over pendant touching heart;

May be she could be international director for govt arts-dance schools
to imagine aloud for a wild guess to begin with, to aim high!

wishing your daughter well, do share your own salient reflections
how true-insightful traits-talents-health-life trends-remedies-ideas,

Donate to your Delight!!!

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