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Re: stelliums in a composite chart? good or bad?

Originally Posted by keenlao View Post
The person I am seeing and I have a stellium of Sun Mercury Venus & Pluto in the 4th house (Libra). We also have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the 6th house (Sagittarius). What are your thoughts on the house groupings in a composite? Too much of one thing?

Our synastry also has groupings of house overlays, a lot of his planets in my 5th house and a lot of mine in his third. Both of which are very prominent houses in each of our natals (he is third house heavy and I'm fifth house heavy).

How does this all play out? Anyone else had these types of experiences? If so, how did it play out?
Stellium in composite is considered significantly good as it shows synergy between the couple. Another way to assess a r/s is through patterns, i.e. trine/kite/cradle etc. T-square is challenging.

However, if you have a stellium afflicted by 2 or more outer planets, the r/s can be very torturing because it feels so good yet so challenging at the same time.

Your stellium is very nice. It shows a very intense r/s and the other outer planets are in sextile, not harsh. Pluto r/s, even the squares/oppositions, are very intense, jealous and possessive, even if you're by nature not this way. Perhaps those natally plutonic will feel like fish in the water, but those who are not will feel very uncomfortable. The same can be said for Saturn-heavy, Uranus-heavy, Neptune-heavy composite charts. Your natal tells how well you are with the energy.

I don't really pay attention to the houses unless it's 6th or 12th. The 3 couples I know with 12H planets have very difficult relationships, albeit long-term. They're perpetually unhappy but continued to drag the r/s on and on till there's nothing left. Based on my observation, an emphasised 4th doesn't mean you will live together. An emphasised 7th doesn't mean you will marry. An emphasised 8th can feel too intense and heavy for some. Pay more attention to aspects and angles. Out of the several charts I checked, only my parents have an emphasised 4th. The rest of the long-term couples I know have their composite planets in various different houses so house placements really don't mean much unless, like I said, it's the 12th or 6th, especially the 12th.


For synastry, check your relationship houses 5/7/8 and their rulers, not just planet overlays although this is also important. E.g. if you have Moon in his 7th and also aspecting his 5/7/8th rulers, that's best as you have BOTH overlay in a r/s house and activation of a r/s house ruler. Or if Moon in 7th is also conjunct his DSC that's directly hitting his partnership house. Also, if Moon rules one of your r/s houses, it's extra meaningful as he not only touches your Moon, he also activates one of your r/s houses, inciting love/romance/partnership or sexual attraction for you depending which house he's activating. Also pay attention to aspects to your angles (planets-angles, angles-angles, points-angles). These create great attraction as well. Jewel has a video explaining angles-angles contact -

Another thing is matching each other's natal, e.g. mirroring (both have Sun in 12H or one has Sun in 12H, another has Sun conj Neptune) and complementary aspects (one has Venus conj Saturn, another has Mars trine Saturn or one has Sun square Pluto, another has Moon conj Pluto).

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