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Re: stelliums in a composite chart? good or bad?

Originally Posted by keenlao View Post
The person I am seeing and I have a stellium of Sun Mercury Venus & Pluto in the 4th house (Libra). We also have Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in the 6th house (Sagittarius). What are your thoughts on the house groupings in a composite? Too much of one thing?

Our synastry also has groupings of house overlays, a lot of his planets in my 5th house and a lot of mine in his third. Both of which are very prominent houses in each of our natals (he is third house heavy and I'm fifth house heavy).

How does this all play out? Anyone else had these types of experiences? If so, how did it play out?

Hi keenlao,

You realize composite charts are useless, right?

They did a study using 20,892 charts and the composite and Davison method failed.

You want to use a dual chart or lay the charts side-by-side, whichever is easier for you, and you want to see your partner's Sun in your H1, H5 or H7. In the alternative, your partner's Moon in your H1, H5 or H7 and in sextile or trine to your Sun or Moon. Your partner's Sun in your H9 in applying trine to your Ascendant and your Moon, Mercury or Venus in applying sextile/trine to your partner's Sun, or your partner's Sun in your H9 in applying sextile/trine to your Jupiter is good too. Those are best case scenarios.
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