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Re: I'm going to do an experiment


Pisces stellium Sun,mercury,mars and jupiter...
Sun Mercury conjucting in the 8th strong intuition and 6 th sense,sun conjuct jupiter death at birth,because i had umbilical cord wrapped around my neck...Saturn on midheaven big social reputation... Sun in the 8th square pluto,death in a grand catastrophe,arguments with father....Mars venus sextile ninth and sixth love at work,sex on journey and college... Moon in the 9th house in aries strict mother,mother who has to travel all the time ... trine pluto being hurt by mother traveling need to regenerate mother is offering regeneration.... North node in 2nd hasto learn about value of money,has to learn to spend money slowly,south node conjuct the sun past life experience...Venus conjuct neptune platonic loves....
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