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Re: Beauty and attractiveness

Originally Posted by MoonSun View Post
I do agree with you, but also not. I think that everyone, yes, everyone has a natural attractiveness in some way going on. Not many people would be attracted to a person who does not fit in the beauty rules nowadays, but some would definitely be attracted to them. Confidence makes a person very attractive for sure, even if you don't have it all. I believe that the way you stand, how you look with your eyes, how you move and do things could make so much difference.
If anyone has a natural attractiveness then do you mean that even people that look like monsters are attractive? If not, then not everyone has natural attractiveness. If they actually do, then they're not physically attractive, their inner selves are attractive. The thing is that you can't expect the approval of others in your life. Waiting for others to accept you for what you are or, especially, for what you look like, is the worst.

Trying to look your best because you want others to like you is terrible because you will never ever be accepted wholly by everyone. Life is not about waiting for others to do things for you or being happy because of others, it's about being happy by yourself and doing things yourself.

Trusting others and thinking about other people's opinions is stupid and a waste of time, if you do so then you will undoubtedly be unhappy. I am not saying that you should not trust anyone or try to be accepted by looking better- what I believe is that if you try to look more attractive physically, then it should be because you think you deserve to look better or because you know it might increase the chances of landing a job (because it actually does affect other's opinion of you). Trusting others is also useless because you never know if people are going to betray you. So if trusting others fulfills you and makes you happy, just make sure to not expect anything from others. If you love or trust someone you should never expect them to trust you back or anything. This is the sad part of reality. The world is way too cruel and unfair for it to be a place for love or of acceptance. Thinking the world is full of happiness is foolish. Love really is a beautiful thing when it's unconditional and it is worth to fight for a world that is full of it, even though it will never happen. Unconditional love doesn't care about appearance. Infatuation and sexual desire does.

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