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Re: Sun destroyed by South Node conjunction

Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Lots of mouths to feed? Do you have lots of children? If so, that right there could be a Jupiter indicator for you. Fifth house indicates children. Traditionally, it's your own offspring who are indicated by the fifth house, but based on my experience with astrology, it seems feasible that it could also indicate adopted children and/or step children, foster children, etc., if you're the one who raises them.

Since your Jupiter is at the cusp of the sixth house, and is in the sixth place from your ascendant, it could be said to be in the sixth. In that case, it has sixth house indicators as well, and the sixth house includes day to day work, duties, and responsibilities. I find that planets that are at the cusp of the sixth house but still in the fifth often suggest a hobby (fifth house) that turns into a job (sixth). If you went to art school and use that experience professionally, that fits.

To be continued.....
Osamenor, you’ve nailed it!

I may have exaggerated a little to say I’ve got “lots” of mouths to feed but still, I’ve got three children and that feels plentiful. All our own offspring to phrase it like that and possibly a result of Jupiter in the 5th? Was having these children part of unlocking my North Node?

And I agree my Jupiter is quite comfortable in the sixth house…coming from the fifth…and you have it right. I have turned my “hobby” into work. A great way of explaining my Art/Design career. So I assume I’ve done the right thing and this career path is a good one for me?

Thank you Osamenor for helping me see through the confusion I felt in the past few months! I’m hanging on and going to check back in a few days.
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