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Re: Pluto Transiting 12th House…can't deal anymore!

I had Pluto through my 12th when I was a kid - starting just before I was 9yrs old and it stayed there until I was 24.
It sucked.
I also had Uranus in 12th and then Saturn in 12th for part of this time.
At the start of it my father left our family, my mother didn't cope and a few years later I was sent away because my mother really couldn't cope.
There was lots of bullying at school - by verbal and sometimes physical means. I tried to tell people once, but to no help at all and I learned to fear telling anyone anything.
I was depressed, isolated and it took years to crawl myself back out of this period of my life.
I'm in my mid-40's now, and that period of my life still affects me.

I don't envy you going through this.

I think if I was giving advise to someone else who is living through Pluto in the 12th, then I would highly recommend finding ways to positively express Pluto and 12th House energy, and Capricorn energy (since Pluto is there now).
My son has 4 planets in 12th House, natally, so I go to extreme efforts to find ways for him to positively express those 12th House energies... otherwise I really do notice that they start to come out in negative ways.
As for Pluto going over my Ascendant - if anything it was so much more positive, life was so much less dark.

I hope you find something that helps you have a more positive way to move through this period.
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