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Re: Pluto Transiting 12th House…can't deal anymore!

You are right to be upset and to a very great extent. Pluto transiting the 12 house is both a unique (to you) and indescribable experience: Worse for the fact that you must experience it alone - i.e., no one understands; there is no one to truly communicate with. Erin Sullivan in her book, Retrograde Planets, explains this in chapter 23. The experience recreates Hesiod's theogenic tales of the Greek Gods - viz., Pluto (Hades) was swallowed by the worldly Saturn into the darkness of his father's belly and there left alone. In more tractable terms - and this is especially true if Pluto has contacted by aspect any planets during his transit of your 12th house - you, your subconscious, are being taken apart and brought to the surface of awareness, piece by piece. NOT a pleasant experience. My advice: Work with the irresistible, inevitable Pluto on this, because you can't oppose him, and actively aid him in seeking to unearth the repressed BS that you have buried in your sub-conscious... the issues you have not dealt with and not yet brought into conscious awareness. Understand: Pluto will NOT give up until ALL the pieces are brought into conscious awareness and no BS! Understand that this is for you an important evolutionary experience. Deal with it. You can deal with it. Don't give up or give in. I speak from experience. Despite the loneliness of this transit, you are not alone. People care. Else I would not have bothered to write you.
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