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Re: Am I pregnant?

hello Scherzy
it doesn't look you are.As a strong testimony in order to be pregnant you should( either moon or venus) have a separated aspect with l5 saturn(baby).some times though moon aspecting the AC ruler or a dignified angular benefic could work also, but even the moon here is in a barren sign (according to valens), so we don't have strong positive testimonies in this chart, on the contrary.
why are you asking this? is your period late perhaps?

since we are searching for a past aspect we see also the following: a separating aspect from l5(babby-egg) and l11 (sun)as your partner's accidental sig turned 5th( sun his sperm previously from pisces).If we move the moon backwards we see also moon from cap tol, meaning also you had previously sex.Furthermore even if we count on this sun-saturn's aspect we see that this sun since immediately gets in aries in saturn's fall, harms the other words i dont think that we have a fertilization of the egg.this egg as saturn from semi fertile cap soon also soon to enter barren aquarious, indicative once more of a negative outcome, since saturn will enter in a state which is not only barren but incongenial to his humoral qualities
Beyond that we have the moon aspect to venus as a benefic but from a fairly fertile sign(taurus), while moon in a barren sign -valens) i would like to have other more clear indications of body changes and perhaps a phlegmatic phase, which is common in pregnancy. But i have seen several pregnancy charts where the pregnancy was not given from an aspect, but from other factors ..moroever in this chart we have a regular void moon, nothing is going to change immediately as entering fertile pisces..etc

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