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Re: how will i do next term?

Originally Posted by Aria Venue View Post
first of all i explained to you also in your previous chart how this works...why is the aspect important in this context? you are asking about your academic performance in the next term, not whether you'll be accepted from the're already there
so focus on the relevant sigs and see dignity (essential, accidental) , reception etc.
Moreover we don't say :" Sun applies to 9th house ruler, Mars, in a positive sextile aspect.I say that I am pretty sure no-one has argued against an applying aspect of 1-2 degrees as valid in horary".
what you could say in such case is that sun will aspect mars from Pisces, since sun is about to change when sun enters pisces (as a lighter planet from mars will find him)...but in order to be sure when or whether this aspect or any aspect actually perfects you have always to check ephemeris.maybe this aspect takes place through translation or collection of light, or mayby .another planet gets in the way and is prohibited...and so forth..still the aspect is not important here .
also what do you mean " sun is received in capricorn"? by |"whom" specifically and how?
hey aria, thanks for responding. I've never seen it explained by any poster here that aspects are not important when reading horary (in general), but rather that the aspect is the answer to the question (of course in light of other factors); contrast this and the moon's aspects with reception being not an answer as to what will happen, but whether there are favorable factors for something happening..that's how i've seen it explained on here. And I have not seen it said as incorrect to say that an aspect applies when the planets involved are out of sign - it's just the orb of the degrees, and i just use whatever says is an aspect as far as orb. I am not saying I'm arguing that one way of doing it is wrong, I'm saying that it is not something that anyone couldn't possibly have interpreted differently even after having read your descriptions. I understand in the last chart, you said that certain questions (like you would apply to a relationship) would not apply to another question regarding a university, i.e., " because you cannot have a relationship with a university". So maybe you are saying that I cannot do this kind of interpretation because of this kind of reason - again I'm confused because i have not seen people exclude performance in higher education from the 9th house - to exclusively use 9th house as to whether you will get into a university. I mean, 9th house is for legal matters, and other things other than higher education - and it's not about entering into legal matters, but about legal matters in general. But maybe you'd say that an aspect is only regarding "entering" as well. It's just that I don't see this talked about in other threads. Again, I'm open to the interpretation.

I am confused, but I will read your response more carefully and seek to interpret with that input. I plan to come back and report the results. If you would genuinely like to know in another message what I meant by my interpretation I can answer in private message, but as of right now I don't know when I will revisit this chart. I may lose interest by the time the actual results come in - (a year or so). One reason, the last chart did not seem to predict as bad a situation as I now perceive myself in, but of course it could be interpreted that way (as any). For example --

Many people see things in the chart after the fact, which may cast doubt on the value of that interpretation (MAY, not every case).

Again, I fully realize the time and effort it takes to contribute long responses as you do. thanks.

ps. i understand also about consulting an ephemeris to see if an aspect actually perfects - i didn't check it on this one before I posted.

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