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Re: how will i do next term?

first of all i explained to you also in your previous chart how this works...why is the aspect important in this context? you are asking about your academic performance in the next term, not whether you'll be accepted from the're already there
so focus on the relevant sigs and see dignity (essential, accidental) , reception etc.
Moreover we don't say :" Sun applies to 9th house ruler, Mars, in a positive sextile aspect.I say that I am pretty sure no-one has argued against an applying aspect of 1-2 degrees as valid in horary".
what you could say in such case is that sun will aspect mars from Pisces, since sun is about to change when sun enters pisces (as a lighter planet from mars will find him)...but in order to be sure when or whether this aspect or any aspect actually perfects you have always to check ephemeris.maybe this aspect takes place through translation or collection of light, or mayby .another planet gets in the way and is prohibited...and so forth..still the aspect is not important here .
also what do you mean " sun is received in capricorn"? by |"whom" specifically and how?

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