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how will i do next term?

New chart after learning some new info about my situation since the time of my last chart. Current chart = Important factor that would be helpful to know before taking some action on other transfer applications I am making.

I asked how will I do next term?

I am sun. Sun applies to 9th house ruler, Mars, in a positive sextile aspect. Since there has been some controversy about my application of future movement of planets, I say that I am pretty sure noone has argued against an applying aspect of 1-2 degrees as valid in horary. But, what about the sign change of Sun from weakness in Aqua to Pisces? Again since it's only 1-2 degrees, I think people will not dispute interpreting the sign change for this question.

Could be wrong of course! let me know.

I would read this as I will do positively because of the aspect and what appears to be to be some reception - mars is received in aqua and pisces and sun is received in Capricorn. But, moon is not aspecting either sun or mars. Also, not sure if this applies but sun is also comfortable in Aries, sign of 9th house.

next term is not until august.
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