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Re: Having a Pluto heavy chart versus a Scorpio Stellium.

This is an interesting thread, I hope it gets more attention. This interests me as well as I have 22 Libra ASC with pluto sitting conjunct it at 29 Libra. Then I also have Mars conjunct Saturn in Scorpio in my first house too. I believe my Saturn is within 10 degrees of Pluto and could also be loosely considered as conjunct. Then I've got Pluto squaring Venus and septile my moon, and sextile Neptune. My NN is in my eighth house conjunct Chiron. I'm a Cancer but I certainly identify with being Plutonian. I'm definitely attracted to the dark, weird,and macabre. I've always been into sex and very sexually minded.
I don't know if I come across as intense, but I do seem to have I tense relationships, or at least feelings. I've attracted a few stalkers and obsessive types. I've been obsessive over other people. I can be a tad bit jealous. I've often found myself feeling like I'm out in the margine or like I don't quite fit in. I get along famously with Scorpios (love me some scorp!). When I come across people who are like me I can feel it. I def feel the agression of my first house Scorpio Mars and often don't know what to do with it because my Libra rising would rather keep the peace.
I do wonder what someone more experienced in astrology would have to say about these placements and how I might expect them to manifest in my life. Now I curious and might have to make a separate post 😁

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