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Re: Thank you in advance (Read My Chart)

Basically, squares and oppositions and challenging, but they are what gets us off the couch to accomplish things in life. Trines and sextiles are harmonious, meaning that the two planets are like best friends who get along well. With a conjunction, the two planets act in tandem: they're joined at the hip.

Then think about the orb you want to use. Astrologers differ, but I tend to use 10 degrees for the sun and moon, and 5-7 degrees for the planets. No orbs for asteroids, chart angles, or other sensitive points.

It looks like your table is also giving you parallels // and contra-parallels #. These are based on declination and work like conjunctions and oppositions, respectively.

One noteworth aspect pattern in your chart is a T-square, formed by Venus- moon and Pluto. (Venus square moon, Pluto square moon, Venus opposite Pluto)

This can cause complicated feelings (moon) and and emotional (moon) intensity in your relationships (Venus.) Neptune trining your sun can give you a rich imagination, and even make you something of a visionary.

A good book on aspects in your natal chart is Robert Hand, Planets in Youth. (Also good for adults.)
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